Hue Lights

Advanced control for your Hue Personal Wireless Lighting System

The "Hue Lights" third-party app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch gives you fast, accurate, and complete control of your Hue Personal Wireless Lighting System. Create personalized categories, scenes, and favorites. Access frequently used lighting scenes with just one tap. Set up your favorite colors with precise control over all possible light attributes. Apply favorites to lights, scenes, and groups for quick set-up and changes. Organize categories and scenes to match your unique configuration.

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Hue Lights dynamically updates the Home screen with your recently used scenes. This optimizes the time it takes to find and activate your favorite scenes.

Includes 43 favorite colors across Hue/Saturation, Color Temperature, and X/Y Point color modes.

Includes 35 pre-defined scenes including Light Recipes, Colorloop, Alerts, and Transitions.

The free version allows control of lights 1 and 2. In-App purchases can unlock all lights and more scenes.

Requires Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Set to operate.

Localized in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Supported Hardware

The Apple Store also has Hue Lights hardware including BR30 bulbs, BR30 Starter Kits, and Philips/Disney Friends of Hue StoryLights.

Hue Personal Wireless Lighting is a trademark owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., see for more information. Hue Lights and LapApps, LLC are in no way affiliated with the Philips organization.

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